Grantown to Dava – itinerary

Running north out of Grantown-on-Spey all the way to Forres is a fantastic long-distance walking and off-road cycling route called The Dava Way. It follows the old Highland Railway Line route for 24 miles (38km) along a lovely varied mixture of farmland, woodland and moorland. With beautiful views all around, a well-maintained route and good signposting, this makes for a great half or full day out. If you want to hire a bike, Lindsay at Basecamp Bikes on The Square will sort you out.

About 8 miles north of Grantown-on-Spey and half a mile off The Dava Way is The Dava School House, an historic building dating back to 1871 where education was provided to children within the local crofting communities. Now beautifully renovated, it operates as an exclusive-use 4-star Gold Visit Scotland approved Bed & Breakfast. Lunch or dinner must be pre-booked – please do note, The Dava School House is only open to pre-booked customers.  A stop here really provides a very pleasant break to your journey as Sharon serves the most delicious, freshly prepared meal made with locally-sourced ingredients. You’ll be fueled up and raring to go on your onward or return leg.




Local taxi and transportation services are ready and available to help you out if you’d prefer to get a ride home after walking, or cycle one way only, allowing you to design your day out just the way you want it. If you have bikes with you, then Kelty at Highland Yaks is your man!

ABC Taxis 07943066056
Strachan’s Private Hire 01479 870025
Johnny’s Taxis 07989571614


Grantown on Spey to Dava Itinerary

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