Grantown & Vicinity Community Council





Taking action for our community

The Community Council consists of volunteers elected by you to work on your behalf. It is required to ascertain, co-ordinate and express the views of the community to the Highland Council and all relevant public authorities, as well as to local landowners where required. The Community Council will always take such action in the interests of our community as appears to be expedient and practicable. The Community Council has a right to be consulted on planning applications and liquor licence applications.

Meetings are open and members of the community are welcome to attend.

All meetings are at 7pm and are currently held by Zoom until The Highland Council advises we can hold face-to face-meetings, which will hopefully resume in The Grant Arms Hotel.

All requests to join a Zoom meeting should be sent to


Community Council Members

Linda Coe – Chair
Ewan MacGregor – Secretary
Declan Gallacher – Treasurer
Lucy Edmondson – Youth Member
John Halliday
Laurie Macleod
Michelle Maclean
Bill Sadler

Our neighbouring Community Councils are Cromdale Community Council and Dulnain Bridge Community Council.