Updates from Lynbreck Croft on the outskirts of Grantown on Spey

About Lynbreck Croft

Lynbreck Croft is 150 acres of pure ‘Scottishness’ located in the Cairngorms National Park on the outskirts of Grantown on Spey.

It is a mixture of grassland, woodland, heathery hill and bog and has one of the finest views of the Cairngorms in Scotland. Since 2016 the croft has been transformed by owners Lynn and Sandra who are using nature friendly farming and diversification enterprises to build an exciting, dynamic, resilient rural business.

About Lynn and Sandra

With backgrounds in conservation, Lynn and Sandra have used their experience to develop a business model that delivers positively, first and foremost, for nature; improving the health of the land and enhancing the health, happiness and well-being of their animals is what drives every decision they make. The result is high quality food packed full of nutritional goodness.

They are passionate about sharing the stories of what they do and becoming a rural asset for their local community

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Bringing Crofting to Oxford

Crofter Lynn with Tony Henfron (Wales NFFN Chair), Martin Lines (NFFN UK Chair) and Jon Andrews (England NFFN Chair)

This year we were invited to share the work we have been doing at Lynbreck at one of the biggest farming conferences in the UK, the Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC)

Our expenses were covered by the Nature Friendly Farming Network, a new charity that we are members of that seeks to represent a growing community of farmers who put nature at the core of their rural business.






The ORFC was formed 10 years ago as a fringe event to the more traditional, established Oxford Farming Conference. In that short period of time it has now grown in size to become the largest of the 2 conferences. It brings together all food growers celebrating everything from smallholdings and community farms, biodynamic and permaculture to much larger commercial farming units.




We even got Michael Gove on side!

We talked at a session called ‘Farming Green puts you in the Black’. We explained how we have started up a small scale croft business where we use farming with nature to produce and sell our meat, eggs and occasional veg at a true price direct to people in our community. We talked about how we advocate healthy environment = healthy food = healthy people.





Just some of the fantastic nature friendly farmers who were there

We’re only just at the start of our business journey but it was an honour to be invited to the conference and an inspiration to meet so many fantastic farmers doing amazing things throughout the UK, supplying nutritious food to their local communities.







Bundles of tree hay! Proof that you can eat trees (our at least our animals can!)

Our take home message?
Food is all about farming
Farming is all about people
People are all about nature

A little croft with a big dream


Welcome to our new blog which we’re delighted to be hosting on the Grantown on Spey website.

Our first day on the croft 18th March 2016


When we moved here in March 2016 we didn’t know a single soul. After moving hundreds to thousands of miles away from all our friends and family, we wanted to try our best to immerse ourselves in our new community. In return, we were completely overwhelmed at the response and welcome that we got.




Some members of Team Lynbreck


We have been working hard over the past couple of years to build a new croft business. One where we work in harmony with our environment to grow the finest food that nature can provide. We are passionate beyond all to engage, inspire and enthuse those around us about honest, ethical produce made on a nature friendly farm by 2 very determined crofters.




Our first project – planting 17,400 trees in wind, rain and snow!


And so to the new blog! We plan to use this to share stories about what it is that we’re up to and why we do what we do. We hope it helps people to better understand the current challenges and opportunities in small scale farming, as well as helping to make informed choices about the food you buy and how it is produced.





We wish everyone who knows us (and those who don’t) a very happy and healthy 2019 and we look forward to taking you on our journey of a lifetime

Lynn and Sandra

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